When life hands you lemons don’t waste them on lemonade

Next time life hands you lemons you won’t want to make lemonade. Check out 5 ways you could and should be using this zesty fruit, and no we are not talking about in the kitchen..

1.)    Controls High Blood Pressure:

  1.  The potassium in lemons helps control high blood pressure & reduces the effect of nausea and dizziness.

2.)    Controls Respiratory Problems

  1. Hasta la vista asthma!  Lemon + water destroys annoying phlegm & helps open airways!

3.)    Anti-Aging

  1. Lemon water is an antioxidant, which means it fights the production of free radicals. Thus protecting against aging skin and skin damage. Oh and cancer..

4.)    Headaches

  1. Give your liver a break & say goodbye to those daily visits to the medicine cabinet. Add some lemon juice to a cup of hot tea to rid yourself of that pesky headache.

5.)    Brightens Laundry

  1.  1 cup lemon juice will brighten laundry whites, not mention leave you smelling lemony fresh.


Although lemons won’t take care of every chore on your to-do list, they sure do take care of a lot more than I’m sure the majority of us are using them for.  So next time you hear someone start that cliche saying about life and lemons, let them enjoy their lemonade, you’ve got a lot more to benefit from. 

In health,



Rise, Shine and Stretch

Rise and Shine Asteeza Insiders, don’t know how you slept but I slept like a baby, waking to the sun shining in my face, with the energy to take on the world, and as I lay there enjoying one last cat-like stretch before getting up to begin my daily rituals, I got to thinking…Ever wonder why your first instinct when you wake up in the morning is to stretch, actually to be honest why it is nearly every animal’s first instinct. You won’t see me or my cat Louis having any kind of friendly contact until we each have got our morning stretch in (him more sensitive than I.) Seeing my cat Louie stretch after his third nap of the day made me think, what is it that drives us all to feel compelled to twist our bodies like a pretzel  even before it feels like our brain has woken up yet. For some reason stretching has become an instinct. Don’t believe me; try to go the tomorrow morning without it. But what is it? Besides the fact that it feels amazing, it actually does help to wake you up. Stretching works to increase flexibility, improve circulation and relieve tension.

Tired of having a constant soreness in the neck, tight, cramped muscles, back pain and serious inflexibility may be the cause. Try these easy 5 stretches tomorrow morning, and see how much more relaxed you feel all day long!

1.) Chest Release 

Chest Release-300

Targets the chest, front of shoulders and biceps. 
Holding a wall, door frame or window ledge with left arm, step forward with left leg and turn entire body to the right especially at the hips.  

Hold stretch for 4-6 deep breaths increasing stretch with the pivot at the hips.  Repeat on the other side.

2.) Side Stretch

Side Stretch-300
Targets the IT band (outer thigh), obliques and shoulders. 
Standing with right hand on bed or wall, cross left leg in front of right leg, feet pointing forward.

Shift into the left hip and reach left arm up and over head, creating a long line from the left ankle to the left fingertips.  

Hold and take 2-3 deep inhales and exhales.  Repeat on right.

3.) Standing Hamstring Stretch

Standing Hamstring Hinge-300
Targets hamstrings.

Supporting yourself for balance as needed, bring right leg up onto a step or bench, increasing height as flexibility increases.  Keep legs hips distance and parallel and keep back leg straight (if possible) and front foot flexed.  

If you need to increase stretch, hinge at the hips (not the waist or back), keeping the spine completely straight.  Don’t round the spine.

Take 4-6 deep breaths. Repeat other side.

4.) Standing Quad Stretch

Standing Quad Release-300

Targets quadriceps.
Holding a chair, wall or bed for support, stand with feet hip-distance apart. Soften left knee and reach for your right foot or ankle, bending the right knee to point straight down to the floor.

Keep pelvis neutral and spine tall with the crown of your  head reaching to the ceiling.  

Hold for 4-6 deep breaths.  Repeat other side.

5.) Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend-300

Targets hamstrings and lower back.
Standing with feet hip-distance apart and knees slightly bent, hinge forward at the hips.  Allow your upper body to hang over your legs and clasp elbows.  

(Note: Do not “hang” from elbows if you have any lower back issues. Instead, place hands on floor or legs for support.)

Hold for 2-3 deep breaths while you gently shake your head no and even more gently nod your head yes.   To come up, pull in abs and gently round up one vertebra at a time.


Want some more check out this link.

Let us know what you think, or any stretches you think the rest of us can benefit from:)


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Discover 5 Ways Love Can Alleviate Chronic Pain

a happy relationship may alleviate chronic pain

5 Ways Love Alleviates Chronic Pain

OK  Asteeza Insiders,  sounds crazy? Yes, it seems that love can alleviate chronic pain , insomnia and depression sufferers. It appears that a failing relationship may be the evil culprit of pain and disappointment. A number of people who suffer from back and neck pain may surprisingly find out that the stress caused from a dull relationship is partly to blame. So, how do most people handle the undesirable consequences? Many opt for harmful numbing mechanisms (addictive pain pills or alcohol), causing them to be lethargic, grumpy and disconnected. This quickly turns into a viscous cycle that only makes things worse ! But there is hope !!

Try these 5 FREE natural ways that promise to return a smile to your relationship (and reduce your body aches)!

1. Keep it fun ! …once a week visit a new place , make spontaneous plans or take a dance class!

2. Disconnect from your phone and computer. Focus on your mate and let them know how much they mean to you.

3. Act like you did when you started dating. Remember when you were on your best behavior, nothing bothered you and you made sure your hair looked nice?

4. Live simple. The best things in life are still free ! Don’t overspend or live above your means. Find comfort in sharing life with your mate.

5. Forgive easy. Remember that we all have faults including ourselves. Harboring anger just makes things worse and robs you of well deserved happiness.

A long healthy and happy relationship isn’t as difficult to achieve as some may think. Dare to step out of the box and try something different. It really doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you have invested in your relationship. Something drew you to that person in the first place  and all you have to do is rediscover it ! Follow these tips and not only will you have fun but you will likely see that your neck, back or headache magically disappears ! Still not convinced? Here is a thought…if you knew this would be your last day with your loved one…how would you act? BOOM! Go for it !!

In health, Daniella


Happy Friday Asteeza Insiders !!


We are in the midst of strawberry season! Yes, everyone knows that these small red delicious bite size fruits are good for you BUT did you realize all of its powers??

The colorful pigments of strawberries are known to have antioxidant activity. Strawberries lower blood levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a signal of inflammation in the body. Antioxidants and phytochemicals found in strawberries may also help to reduce inflammation of the joints, which can cause arthritis YES!!! Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health studying the value of strawberries found that women who ate 16 or more strawberries per week were 14 percent less likely than non-strawberry eaters to have elevated levels of the protein. I love that natural relief can be delicious ! Make them organic and that’s even better Hmmmm,I wonder if Asteeza could be strawberry scented.. . Asteeza chemists? lol 🙂

Hey, and that also gives me an excuse to eat those delectable chocolate covered strawberries that have such an appealing charm.          I mean according to an article published by WEIGHT WATCHERS- not kidding, “It’s actually good for your heart and also good for your blood pressure”.SCORE ! Relief is yummy !

Here’s to a strawberry eating weekend! Anyone want to join me ?

Please comment and share your thoughts 🙂

In health, Daniella



Wake up earlier to exercise, are you insane???!!!


Hi Asteeza Natural Insiders !

Need energy bc you’re not a morning person? Trust me you are not alone. The thought of my alarm going off was scarier than a marathon of horror movies. As a child, my mother used to tell me that she thought I woke up just so I could go back to sleep. Not sure if I was proud of my ability to sleep through anything or if I had just come to accept that this is who I am and that wasn’t going to change, even if I wanted to. For me, as I’m sure for the majority of you, I unsuccessfully tried to create a routine of working out. Doing a lot one week to only abandon it the next for too many reasons; work went late, the kids needed help with homework, the new episode of whatever show I was watching would be coming on. Trust me if you need an excuse you will find one, and boy did I find one way too frequently.  I soon realized that if I was serious about getting healthy I would need to make a change. I also knew evening exercises created too much of a temptation to find an excuse to skip a work out. But I wasn’t ready to give up any of my precious sleeping time, or so I thought, until one day I came across a fact that we spend 25 years sleeping !  What??!!  I was shocked. I then decided if I am already giving a third of my life to counting sheep that I deserved to take an hour back every day, and what better way to use it then to get my much-needed daily exercise in. I won’t lie and say that waking up earlier his easy, because trust me it’s still a battle, but I have found that the benefits I gain from my morning exercise outweighs its sacrifice.

These are the benefits of morning exercise that I have experienced, and you will too:

1.)    I have become more consistent, the complications that once disrupted my evening workout don’t typically exist at 7 am

2.)    My stress levels are lower

3.)    I feel more energized

4.)    I am making better food choices, working out early puts me in a healthy mindset for the whole day, hello salad bar!

5.)    I get to bed earlier and much more quickly, thankfully!

6.)    I feel more positive and effective in my days tasks

7.)    I feel healthier, because I am healthier!

8.)    I feel happier

9.)    I am more balanced, and am able to make more sound decisions

10.)I feel empowered, because let’s be honest who doesn’t like the bragging rights of saying, “This morning after my work out..”

So today just think about it, breaking up with your extra hour of sleep can be difficult. But give it a try, get up early in the morning to exercise and trust me: before long, you will feel invincible.

If you already do this, let me know how it has worked for you. If not, I challenge you to try it at least one day this week and let me know how it worked out. Who’s up to it ?!! Ready set GO!!!!!

Stay healthy,


The scary truth about sugar

If Sugar is bad I don’t want to be good..or do I?


Sugar sugar sugar, sure we all know it’s not the best thing for us, (and if you don’t please stay under your rock of denial as long as you can,) for the rest of us as long as we drink an extra glass of water, or take the stairs today it can’t be that bad right? Wrong! Sadly (for you and me both,) the harmful effects of sugar go way beyond empty calories. Here are the top 5 reasons to avoid sugar as if your life depended on it (and trust me it does).

1.)    Added Sugar Supplies a Large Amount of Fructose

Sugar is half glucose, good, needed by pretty much every cell in the body. Sugar is also half fructose, bad, and unless you are on a treadmill as you read this there is a good chance the fructose from your morning pastry is turning into fat in your liver as we speak.  That sneaky fructose!

2.)    Sugar Doesn’t Contain Any Vitamins or Minerals (Empty Calories)

Shocker, something as tasty as chocolate bar has none of the important nutrients I need? Someone please alert the media.

3.)    Sugar Causes Insulin Resistance

We are pretty familiar with the role on insulin; it’s that wonderful little thing that makes eating that extra donut hole possible. The main function of insulin is to drive glucose from the bloodstream into cells. But as with anything (unless you happen to own a Willy Wonka everlasting gobstopper) when we use it too much, it tends to stop working. Cells are no exception, eat too much sugar and cells tend to become resistant to the effects of insulin. And God forbid you don’t enjoy the feeling of a needle (but really who does?) because with type II diabetes chances are you will be administering yourself insulin daily. Oh the joy.

4.)    Sugar is addictive

Ever feel on top of the world as you took a bite of that hot cinnamon role that you drove 25 minutes to get? Well there’s more than just that heavenly balance of icing to cinnamon ratio contributing to that. When we eat sugar, dopamine is released in the brain, giving us a feeling of pleasure (actually the same way that drugs work.) This causes reward-seeking behavior typical of addiction to abusive drugs (hence sugar= drugs=bad!)

5.)    Sugar causes resistance to hormone called Leptin

Leptin is the hormone responsible for telling your brain to stop eating when it senses we have enough fat (such a beautiful function may I add.) However, the more sugar one eats the more leptin produced and just like with insulin, leptin can stop working properly. Thus your stomach essentially feels like a bottomless pit. And trust me willpower is very weak compared to the leptin-driven starvation signal.

Of course I not telling you to go cold-turkey and break up with every good tasting food ever created (because let’s be frank the majority of the best tasting food typically contains sugar, and if you are one of those people who are going to tell me that a piece of broccoli competes with chocolate cake then you ma’am/sir should not be reading this.) I am just telling you that maybe today you drink your coffee a little blacker or eat your cereal a little less sweet.  And before you reach for that next sugary treat, think long and hard not about the fat that is will cause (even though for some of you that is enough to make you go running for hills) but instead about sugars long-term cost to your health.

Monday is the new Friday!

Positivity defeats Monday Blues
Its Monday, so for a lot of us this is a bittersweet time, the weekend is over and that long week of work is ahead of us.. well actually for most Monday’s are mostly bitter with hardly any sweet. But here is our chance to make Monday the new Friday! Crazy I know, but really all it requires is a little positivity, and maybe a lot of coffee. We’ve all heard of the power of a positive mind, but this power may be the cure to more than just fixing the “Monday Blues.”

Positive thinking has been linked to:
• Increased life span
• Lowering risk of depression
• Lowering risk of cardiovascular diseases
• Greater resistance to the common cold
• Making better decisions in times of stress
• More successful marriages
• More successful work outs
• Increase in friends

Of course I’m not telling you to turn a blind eye to life’s unavoidable less-than-pleasant situations. Because let’s be honest very few of us live in a world where everything is perfect, especially on a Monday. Positive thinking is just a way to approach these situations in a more productive way. Start by identifying areas in your life you feel negative about and try to put a positive spin on them. Ask yourself, “Is there anything good that can come out of this dilemma? Is there something that can be learned? Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise.” Be open to humor, when you allow yourself to be happy, the issue at hand seems almost obsolete in comparison. Follow a healthy lifestyle, exercising and eating well affects mood and reduces stress. Nobody wants to be around that “Debbie Downer,” follow these easy lifestyle adjustments and see how quickly you find yourself surrounded with other positive people, happy people like happy people:)

So I guess the real question for you on this Monday is: Is your glass half-empty or half-full?

New Website Launch!

We are very excited to have launched our new website design! You’ll see things are looking pretty spiffy around here and it’s all been completely re-coded from the ground up thanks to our friends at Advluence.com!