Asteeza Natural Body Wonder

Unleash The Power Of Nature

Since the beginning of time, man has relied on nature for pain relief…

Natural pain relief isn’t a myth. Throughout history, human beings have relied on the gifts of nature to meet their daily needs. The oldest written evidence of medicinal plants’ usage was found on a Sumerian clay slab, approximately 5,000 years old. From the tropical rain forests of the Amazon to the Himalayan Mountains, Europe, Asia and beyond, plants have been used as essential resources. Today, 4 out of 5 people throughout the world continue to trust plants as vital elements of their daily lives.

The incredible impact of herbs such as Arnica Montana, Nigella Sativa and Ginger dates back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. This continuing, unwavering reliance on herbs is still prevalent in modern and indigenous cultures in the US and abroad.

This subsequently inspired the relentless investigative efforts of Jorge Astorquiza, lead chemist of Aldali Inc., to develop Asteeza Natural Body Wonder, a distinct fusion of high quality herbal ingredients in an unparalleled ointment that provides natural pain relief.

Asteeza's Story

I first developed the concept of Asteeza years ago, when my son in law Randy – a sports enthusiast with 3 young daughters – fell victim to an injury that threatened his active lifestyle.

After multiple surgeries, he had limited mobility due to chronic pain. He realized this meant he might have to discontinue coaching his daughters and enjoying the usual activities he looked forward to everyday.

He decided that he wasn’t yet ready to relinquish his lifestyle, and solicited my help. As a chemist for 35 years, I sprang into action to do what I could to help my family. This led to my worldwide investigative research, spanning Europe, Asia, Australia, North & South America, Africa and the Amazon. This detailed exploration focused on identifying specific natural ingredients used by indigenous cultures throughout the centuries for natural relief. The deeper I dove the more intrigued and determined I became. For this reason, I embraced this unique opportunity to combine the secrets of highly coveted herbs with modern technology to create a formula distinctive to anything ever created.

I knew something special had been discovered when Randy first applied the herbal ingredients to his foot and felt relief. They didn’t irritate his skin. He didn’t feel any tingling or unnatural sensations.

We were thrilled! Soon after, we shared the experience with our family and friends.

The good news generated an immediate buzz!

It was evident that, like my son in law, there were many people who yearned for a superior quality of natural ingredients like the ones enjoyed by our ancestors.

Today, I am humbled to share with you my experience and knowledge of these powerful herbs. They have transformed the lives of our family, friends as well as people throughout the world.

Asteeza: made for my family and now, I share it with yours.

 -Jorge Astorquiza

Asteeza Natural Pain Relief Cream