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Wake up earlier to exercise, are you insane???!!!


Hi Asteeza Natural Insiders !

Need energy bc you’re not a morning person? Trust me you are not alone. The thought of my alarm going off was scarier than a marathon of horror movies. As a child, my mother used to tell me that she thought I woke up just so I could go back to sleep. Not sure if I was proud of my ability to sleep through anything or if I had just come to accept that this is who I am and that wasn’t going to change, even if I wanted to. For me, as I’m sure for the majority of you, I unsuccessfully tried to create a routine of working out. Doing a lot one week to only abandon it the next for too many reasons; work went late, the kids needed help with homework, the new episode of whatever show I was watching would be coming on. Trust me if you need an excuse you will find one, and boy did I find one way too frequently.  I soon realized that if I was serious about getting healthy I would need to make a change. I also knew evening exercises created too much of a temptation to find an excuse to skip a work out. But I wasn’t ready to give up any of my precious sleeping time, or so I thought, until one day I came across a fact that we spend 25 years sleeping !  What??!!  I was shocked. I then decided if I am already giving a third of my life to counting sheep that I deserved to take an hour back every day, and what better way to use it then to get my much-needed daily exercise in. I won’t lie and say that waking up earlier his easy, because trust me it’s still a battle, but I have found that the benefits I gain from my morning exercise outweighs its sacrifice.

These are the benefits of morning exercise that I have experienced, and you will too:

1.)    I have become more consistent, the complications that once disrupted my evening workout don’t typically exist at 7 am

2.)    My stress levels are lower

3.)    I feel more energized

4.)    I am making better food choices, working out early puts me in a healthy mindset for the whole day, hello salad bar!

5.)    I get to bed earlier and much more quickly, thankfully!

6.)    I feel more positive and effective in my days tasks

7.)    I feel healthier, because I am healthier!

8.)    I feel happier

9.)    I am more balanced, and am able to make more sound decisions

10.)I feel empowered, because let’s be honest who doesn’t like the bragging rights of saying, “This morning after my work out..”

So today just think about it, breaking up with your extra hour of sleep can be difficult. But give it a try, get up early in the morning to exercise and trust me: before long, you will feel invincible.

If you already do this, let me know how it has worked for you. If not, I challenge you to try it at least one day this week and let me know how it worked out. Who’s up to it ?!! Ready set GO!!!!!

Stay healthy,