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Discover 5 Ways Love Can Alleviate Chronic Pain

a happy relationship may alleviate chronic pain

5 Ways Love Alleviates Chronic Pain

OK  Asteeza Insiders,  sounds crazy? Yes, it seems that love can alleviate chronic pain , insomnia and depression sufferers. It appears that a failing relationship may be the evil culprit of pain and disappointment. A number of people who suffer from back and neck pain may surprisingly find out that the stress caused from a dull relationship is partly to blame. So, how do most people handle the undesirable consequences? Many opt for harmful numbing mechanisms (addictive pain pills or alcohol), causing them to be lethargic, grumpy and disconnected. This quickly turns into a viscous cycle that only makes things worse ! But there is hope !!

Try these 5 FREE natural ways that promise to return a smile to your relationship (and reduce your body aches)!

1. Keep it fun ! …once a week visit a new place , make spontaneous plans or take a dance class!

2. Disconnect from your phone and computer. Focus on your mate and let them know how much they mean to you.

3. Act like you did when you started dating. Remember when you were on your best behavior, nothing bothered you and you made sure your hair looked nice?

4. Live simple. The best things in life are still free ! Don’t overspend or live above your means. Find comfort in sharing life with your mate.

5. Forgive easy. Remember that we all have faults including ourselves. Harboring anger just makes things worse and robs you of well deserved happiness.

A long healthy and happy relationship isn’t as difficult to achieve as some may think. Dare to step out of the box and try something different. It really doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you have invested in your relationship. Something drew you to that person in the first place  and all you have to do is rediscover it ! Follow these tips and not only will you have fun but you will likely see that your neck, back or headache magically disappears ! Still not convinced? Here is a thought…if you knew this would be your last day with your loved one…how would you act? BOOM! Go for it !!

In health, Daniella