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I’ve worked in the health field for many years and tend to be a skeptic when it comes to “so called” topicals. I reluctantly tried Asteeza and I must admit that I was floored by the results. It was unlike any the other topical ointment I had ever used. It truly delivered as promised. I now use Asteeza myself and suggest it to my clients. I can say that Asteeza made a believer out of this non believer!

J.Williamson – Health Profesional

I have been in the Fitness Industry for forty years and I am careful when I recommend supplements or any product. Three years ago, my wife Bernadette and I started using Asteeza after strenuous workouts. Both of us have led active lifestyles and hope to continue a long as we can. The results have been super positive for both of us! Bernadette went on to win the 2013 Tri-Fitness Sunshine State Challenge which includes a 160 yard obstacle course, 230 yard extreme True Grit Challenge, box jumps, shuttle run and bench press. Asteeza has been a part of her “warmup program.” I have been using it on different parts of my body. I have recommended Asteeza to hundreds of Tri-Fitness athletes and my daughters and niece have passed on my recommendation to the gymnastic and tennis world in which they coach. Thank you Asteeza for keeping it NATURAL!

B &B Rosen – President of Tri Fitness

As a Master Tri-Fit athlete, I often push myself to the limit (and beyond) and when I do, Asteeza seems to “hit the spot”. I am able to train harder for the next competition. Thank you Coach Al Rosen for introducing me to this product !

M .Zumwalt, Health Care Specialist

I am extremely particular with the products I put on my body or on others. I do believe that everything we need God has provided in nature. This is why I was so excited when I realized the ingredients that were in the formula. I have studied herbs quite bit and Asteeza’s fusion of herbs is amazing, I have yet find a similar combination in any product I’ve ever used. I also like that it doesn’t have a cold or burning sensation and smells nice. Personally, I use it on myself and my wife and recommend it to others.

Nelson Cacciatore- EPIC Bodywork-Owner and opertaor

I am a firefighter and a softball coach. I have to stay active and can’t afford to any interruptions to my busy schedule. I was recommended Asteeza by a good friend. I researched the ingredients and was convinced. Sure enough it delivered to my expectations and I will use it again and again.

Kevin R. – Coach/FireFighter

I have been in construction for over 30 years and I have overworked my body. I must admit that my my body is not what it used to be. I appreciate that Asteeza does not have a burning sensation nor a strong odor. I like a product that doesn’t make me smell like a medicine cabinet. I am sold on Asteeza and now all of the “young guys” at the job site are using it as well!

Jimmy C – Construction.

I have put my body through a lot throughout the years. I honestly have tried everything I can possibly think of and it just ends up being another gimmick. The money wasted is not as important as the fact that I finally found a product that I can recommend without hesitation. I FINALLY found what I was searching for. Everyone is amazed and I just keep spreading the word. Thanks for creating this product for us!

Marge D – Hospice Volunteer

I recommend Asteeza because I use it myself and on my family. Asteeza helps make my day tolerable and lets me return to my daily activities faster than I had expected. I also use it on my customers and they love that they don’t feel the irritable cool or warm sensations that other products have. It also has a light pleasent aroma that everyone loves! So far, I have only received positive comments… no complaints 🙂 Thanks for this great product. I am your biggest fan!

K. Hughes – Health Professional

Asteeza has the perfect glide and gives me amazing control for deep tissue work. Doesn’t clump and goes a long way making it very affordable. By the way, Asteeza works well even on hairy people.

R. Hoffman – Hands on Health & Healing, Owner – Structural Energy Therapy

As an active person and ex- athlete, I have put my body through a lot of stress. However, it is very important to me to use products that are natural and of high quality. I tried Asteeza and instantly I could tell that this was exactly what I was searching for in a product. I especially like it because I am outdoors quite a bit an it doesn’t burn my skin like other products typically do. I recommend it to all athletes and active people !

A. Cenal – Hit Master Graphics-owner

I have been using Asteeza myself and it is incredible! I’ve tried other products and I can say Asteeza is the only one that I feel confident recommending to others. I use it on my clients and they love it. Recently, I offered Asteeza to a reluctant client who had exhausted her efforts searching for the perfect ointment. After the 1st application, she immediately wanted to know where she could purchase it. This is a superb product. Thank you Asteeza for providing an excellent natural alternative!

B. Gonseth – Peace Therapeutic Massage-Owner and N.FL.FSMTA-President

Asteeza stands out over the rest… hands down the best product! Everyone knows me as a skeptic and I always choose to treat my body naturally. Asteeza was introduced to me by a trusted friend in the natural industry and I must say that it is incredible! I could not believe the high quality of herbs in the product at such an affordable price ! I’m not sure how you guys are doing it but it is greatly appreciated!

T.Roberts. – Sales Manager

I use Asteeza daily on my hands which I depend on as a landscape artist. The feeling that I get is unparalleled . Honestly, I use it everyday and never let myself run out of Asteeza.

John T, – Landscapist

I was impressed how fast it made a difference. I knew there was something special about Asteeza the first time I tried it. I can’t stress enough how important a product like this is for a person like me.

Mark H. – Cable Splicer

I work long hours at a pharmacy. Applying Asteeza has become a part of my morning and evening rituals. It even has its own place on my nightstand! It has has been a true blessing to me. They say Asteeza is endorsed by nature. I say its endorsed by me also!

Kathy M. – Dept. Manager.

As a supervisor of a housekeeping company it is crucial to have mobility and flexibility. I was raised on natural remedies and I trust in them 100%. I was already familiar with many of the ingredients in Asteeza so I wasn’t surprised to find that it worked so well for me. I believe that there should be more products like Asteeza. Thank you to the developers of this product. I cant wait for more to come !

Charlott R. – Housekeeping Co.

I have yet to find another product that combines all of these fine herbal ingredients that I remember using years ago as Asteeza does. Believe me when I tell you that I don’t I feel confident endorsing anything else. Anyone is free to contact me if they wish, I will gladly tell them why Asteeza is my “go to” product and always will be. :).

Edith C. – Retired Farmer

funny story- I am a machine operator cold days are especially challenging. One day, my co worker had a jar of Asteeza which he with me. I expected to feel a burn or cold but nothing. It went on smooth and it really made a difference. I kept asking him for more and more everyday until he got tired and directed me to your website for me to buy my own. Thank God it wasn’t expensive because I was able tobuy him a replacement jar haha!

Hank P. – Machine Operator

As a musician, I am on my feet all the time. Many times, I can’t wait to put my feet up after a gig. This is when I reach for my trusted friend, Asteeza. Whenever I travel, I just throw a jar in my bag. Asteeza is part of our road crew!

Tom B, – Musician

I am not one who typically writes reviews but I felt compelled to share my opinion with others. I was given a sample of Asteeza and decided to try it. It went on smooth and I am absolutely obsessed with the selection of herbal ingredients that are in this ointment. I have searched all over the internet and elsewhere and I have not found anything that can even remotely compare with this product. I will never use anything else!

Jennifer B – Medical Office Administrator

I travel a lot and am on my feet 10-12 hours a day. Recently, I was introduced to Asteeza and couldn’t believe how much it helped me get through my long days. It didn’t tingle my skin nor produce a strong odor. The best thing is my 2 oz. jar can go through security check at the airports so I can carry it with me at all times.

Yolanda. – Fine Jewelry Sales Rep.

My family originates from a country where natural options were an important part of the daily life. While it may not always convenient, my family recently made a conscious decision to rely on nature as much as possible. This goes for not only what we put feed our body but also what we put on it. I am very familiar with the ingredients in Asteeza and have always been impressed with the amazing benefits each possesses. As a result, you will find a jar of Asteeza in every bedroom of my house. lol 🙂

Anna V – Office Manager

As a proud mom of a US Marine, I like the fact that Asteeza is made in the USA. My family supports US based companies and Asteeza ‘s high quality ointment makes it easy to do. I always carry a bottle of Asteeza in my purse and recently sent some to my son to use and share while he is stationed abroad. Semper fi !!

Maggie P. – Medical Tech

Working in the cold weather as a mechanic can be very challenging. I started using Asteeza a while back and while I can’t necessarily tell you exactly what I like best about it, what I CAN say is that I won’t use anything else. I recommend it to everyone I know. Here’s my personal advice- Just try it, you won’t regret it!

Alex O – Mechanic

Asteeza is an awesome product !! I remember my grandmother educating me on the great benefits of herbal plants many of which are included in this product. I think if she were alive she would be proud that I am using a product that contains all of the plants she swore by. Asteeza reminds us all to rely more on nature. 🙂

Christine Caballero – Tampa, FL.

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