Asteeza’s Story

Since the beginning of time, man has relied on nature for relief...
From the Amazon to the Himalayan Mountains people have relied on the ingredients found in Asteeza as a fast soothing relief for bruises, muscle /joints aches and as an overall skin conditioner. Through the creative mind and relentless investigative efforts of Jorge Astorquiza, lead chemist of Aldali, Asteeza Natural Body Wonder ointment was developed. This formula combines a unique blend of the finest herbal ingredients hailing from all over the world to maximize the soothing experience. Ingredients: Arnica Montana, Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin Seed Oil), Bay Oil, Anise, Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Lemon Oil, Ginger, Chamomile Aloe Vera, Pure Petroleum Gel and Vegetable Oil.
Asteeza’s Story
The concept of Asteeza first developed years ago when my son in law Randy, a sports enthusiast with 3 young active daughters, was victim to an injury that resulted in agonizing foot pain. After multiple surgeries, he was left with limited mobility due to excruciating chronic pain. When he was informed that his pain would never go away, he regrettably faced the decision to either discontinue coaching his daughters and other related activities, or turn to addictive /harmful painkillers in order to keep doing the things he loved.

He wasn't ready to commit to either and neither was I. As a chemist for 35 years, I decided to take action and do what I could to help my family. Hence, I lead an investigative research that included the Amazon, Europe, Asia, Australia, N & S America and Africa. The investigative study focused on indigenous cultures and what had been effectively used for centuries to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation naturally. I proceeded to combine my new found knowledge of these highly coveted and powerful herbs with modern technology to create a precise formula unique to anything ever created. I knew we had discovered something remarkable when Randy first applied it to his foot and within minutes felt relief from the pain that had plagued him for so long. It didn't irritate his skin. He didn't feel any tingling or otherwise unnatural sensation. The effects were long lasting. He was free, we were thrilled ! Soon we shared Asteeza with friends who were suffering from arthritis, muscle sprains, and over all body aches. The results were astonishing! To our surprise, Asteeza quickly spread like wild fire ! It became evident that like my son in law, there are many people who yearn for a natural product that provides MAXIMUM and long lasting relief. I am sincerely honored to be able to offer others what has transformed the lives of our family, friends and people from all over the world.

Asteeza, made for my family and now... I share it with yours,
Jorge Astorquiza

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